CH376 emulation for IDE

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CH376 emulation for IDE

Post by bzuidgeest » Mon Sep 02, 2019 9:58 pm

Hello all,

So on discord Stef invited us all to write about our projects on the forum. So here is something about the little projects I have been doing. Al tough I have been looking for a good retro platform to code on for A while, I have little experience with C or assembly on such platforms. Meaning I rely (at the moment) on the IDE for my experiments. Unfortunately it's incomplete. I'm not complaining about that. This is a massive undertaking to get both hard and software build and I for one am impressed by stef and the others.
So I got to wondering if I might add some of the missing stuff. I heard on discord ryan had been working on CH376 (SDCard controller) emulation in his alternative IDE. He quit the group, but I thought I might appropriate some of that code and add it to the (what I consider) main IDE. So I forked the the foenixIDE and got to work. Getting the code over to .net was not that difficult. But as is, it has many bugs and no write support. Clearly it was never completed. The datasheet of the CH376 is written in quite bad English and very ambiguous in its explanations. So if I go from that I would certainly implement many things incorrect.
So I decided to verify my emulation by checking its support thru software that has been proven to run on the actual hardware. At the moment only one piece of software qualifies, and that is the published version of the kernel. But again this is incomplete. I was only able to figure out how to do a DIR command and thus that is the only command I verified as working at the moment. Its not much, but it is a start. The kernel code for load is buggy according to stef and save is not implemented nor is chdir if I am not mistaken.

So at the moment the code sits in my fork waiting for a more complete kernel (or any other piece of software that is verified against the hardware) so I can finish the implementation. Or if one of the few revB owners has something else I can use... it would be very usefull
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