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FOENIX FMX - (RevC4A) - General Technical Information

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 6:21 am
by stef
Good Day Everyone,

For the last couple of weeks, the release of the early-birds has begun. Up till now, most of the information was shared on Discord where all the early-birds were invited. Now, that we are moving forward with the release of around 40 Units. More and more information will become available.

I will urge people to not post in this thread. If you have any questions about the information posted here, please start a new thread so the old Alpha members and the new Beta Members can help answer your questions. It is really about sharing the most information. Slowly it will be transported into the Wiki.

Thank you


MEMORY MAP (General)

Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 6:47 am
by stef
FOENIX FMX - General Memory MAP
$00:0000 - $00:00FF - RAM (Reserved by Kernel)
$00:0100..$00:0107 - 16Bits Unsigned Multiplication (FIXED MATH CORE)
$00:0108..$00:010F - 16Bits Signed Multiplication (FIXED MATH CORE)
$00:0110..$00:0117 - 16Bits Unsigned Division (FIXED MATH CORE)
$00:0118..$00:011F - 16Bits Sgned Division (FIXED MATH CORE)
$00:0120..$00:012F - 32Bits Addition/Substraction (FIXED MATH CORE)
$00:0140..$00:015F - Interrupt Controller
$00:0160..$00:017F - Timers
$00:0180..$00:01FF - SDMA (System DMA)
$00:0200..$00:0FFF - RAM (Reserved by Kernel)
$00:1000..$3F:FFFF - RAM
$AE:0000..$AE:FFFF - Expansion Chip Select
$AF:0000..$AF:00FF - VICKY II Control Registers
$AF:0100..$AF:013F - Tiles Control Registers
$AF:0140..$AF:014F - Bitmap Control Registers
$AF:0200..$AF:03FF - Sprites Control Registers
$AF:0400..$AF:04FF - VDMA Control Registers
$AF:0500..$AF:06FF - Mouse Pointer Graphic Mem
$AF:0700..$AF:0707 - Mouse Pointer Control Registers
$AF:0800..$AF:080F - RTC
$AF:1000..$AF:13FF - SuperIO (Floppy/LPT/COM1/COM2/MPU)

$AF:1F00..$AF:173F - Text Mode Color Palette (Foreground)
$AF:1F40..$AF:1F7F - Text Mode Color Palette (Background)

$AF:2000..$AF:23FF - Graphic Mode Color Palette0
$AF:2400..$AF:27FF - Graphic Mode Color Palette1
$AF:2800..$AF:2BFF - Graphic Mode Color Palette2
$AF:2C00..$AF:2FFF - Graphic Mode Color Palette3
$AF:3000..$AF:33FF - Graphic Mode Color Palette4
$AF:3400..$AF:37FF - Graphic Mode Color Palette5
$AF:3800..$AF:3BFF - Graphic Mode Color Palette6
$AF:3C00..$AF:3FFF - Graphic Mode Color Palette7
$AF:4000..$AF:40FF - GAMMA Correction - Blue Channel
$AF:4100..$AF:41FF - GAMMA Correction - Green Channel
$AF:4200..$AF:42FF - GAMMA Correction - Red Channel
$AF:4000..$AF:7FFF - Tile Map Memory
$AF:8000..$AF:87FF - FONT Set Memory

$AF:A000..$AF:BFFF - Text Display Memory
$AF:C000..$AF:DFFF - Text Color Memory

$AF:E400..$AF:E4FF - FPGA SID (3 Channels for Now)
$AF:E600..$AF:E7FF - OPL3
$AF:E800..$AF:E81F - TRINITY CHIP (Joystick)

$AF:E880..$AF:E887 - GABE Control Registers (LED, Buzzer, Etc)

$AF:E900..$AF:E9FF - CODEC
$AF:EA00..$AF:EAFF - SDCARD Controller
$AF:F000..$AF:F0FF - OPM (YM2151)
$AF:F100..$AF:F1FF - PSG (SN76489)
$AF:F200..$AF:F3FF - OPN2 (YM2612)

$B0:0000..$EF:FFFF - VICKY II Video Memory

$F8:0000..$FF:FFFF - KERNEL FLASH (not CPU Accessible)


Posted: Sat Jan 25, 2020 7:42 am
by stef
Joystick Ports Definition: