A Space Game/Demo

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A Space Game/Demo

Post by PJW » Sat Mar 14, 2020 10:00 pm

I've started work on a simple space game or demo for the C256 Foenix FMX. At the moment, it is not anything too exciting (there is just one ship that flies around and can shoot a little torpedo), but I will be adding to it over time. I posted a video a little while ago on my channel:

But after doing some work to generalize the sprite handling code, I decided to set up a GitHub repo for it, in case I make a silly mistake and destroy my code base. The repo is open in case you would be interested in looking at the code. My hope is that it will be fairly clear what it is doing and that it can serve as an example of how to use some of the features of the FMX:


Some of the things being demonstrated here:
  • Sprites (the ship and the torpedo)
  • Pseudo-random number generator (used to make the star field)
  • Tiles (the star field)
  • SN76489 sound chip
  • Joysticks (Atari style)
  • Interrupts (the start-of-frame interrupt is used to update the Vicky registers as the sprites move and also provides timing for updating the sound chip to sequence tones and even make a crude ADSR envelope).
Expect this project to evolve as Vicky II features are added to the board.
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